Moving Forward After the Fire


April 24th, 2019 a fire destroyed the building my office was in. You can see my sign in the window with the lights still on as the building is engulfed in flames. The picture on the right shows what was left. Everything was lost in the fire, while thankfully everyone is safe.

I don’t believe things happen to punish us. I believe very much that what we focus on expands and what we put out into the world, comes back to us. With that being said, I know bad things still happen. (The cause of the fire won’t be determined until early June.) But good can come from loss. I am searching for the meaning in this devastation for me and The Life Coach 4 Kids. One of my past client’s dad wrote to me and said, “We just wanted to send you a note today to let you know how sorry we are for your recent loss of your glorious sanctuary where you worked. We loved that little space and I know you did too. What a devastation!! We want you to know that you are in our thoughts a prayers as you go through this experience. God Bless You, Betsy.”

I know the place where my business began at 100 S Broadway Suite 60 was a sanctuary for families and kids. I was comfortable there and had just re-furnished my office. As I’ve reflected on the idea of a completely blank slate and starting with only my client files, I plan to move forward to create what has only been a dream. A current client said, “It was ultimately just 4 walls. YOU were what made your business and that space safe and welcoming and special. You can rebuild something even better. We believe in you!”

My plan is to find an acre or two of land and build a simple ‘she-shed’ type of building to work with kids and families, with a space attached for workshops, presentations or retreats! I teach my kids and parents that we get to choose our thoughts in every situation. I could choose to stay stuck in devastation and this could set me back. Or I can see this as a gift and it can catapult me forward. I choose to move forward. Kids and families deserve that and so do I! The Life Coach 4 Kids will have a new home!

I had been working on a new website, which has been slowed a bit with the upheaval this has caused. I am looking for a new temporary space in DePere, while continuing to see clients in spaces provided by 2 gracious friends. This temporary website will be in place until I complete my new one! As is true of life, this is a journey ~ one filled with many emotions and feelings! I am honoring the sadness and overwhelm I feel, but am so super excited about what is to come!

A friend has put together a GoFundMe to support me in rebuilding this new space. You can see the campaign and contribute using the button below.

Betsy White